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Nu am mai scris de mult. Adevarul e că de când suntem trei în familie, scrisul nu a devenit o prioritate. Cu toate astea, dimineața începe  în continuare la  ceai și rămâne unul din cele mai plăcute  momente ale zilei.

Masuta ceai + interior


În poză, masa așa cum a rămas ea după ceaiul de dimineață.  Vă las sa vă delectați cu un citat dint-o carte. Acest text  m-a făcut să mă gândesc la câțiva din voi, așa că am rupt tăcerea .

There is no need here to get involved with the self-conscious rigidity of a deliberate artistic approach to work or to dealing with objects. At the same time, one has to have respect  for the importance of life situations. Things around us always have an association with us, whether they belong to us or not. Once we begin to feel  that association, we begin to feel things and relate to them directly, properly and fully.

With this approach, if you are making a cup of tea, you are in complete contact with the process: with that kind of tea are you going to brew and what kind of kettle and teapot you are going to use. It is a matter of relating with those little things, which is not a big deal particularly. It’s not a matter of life and death if you make a bad cup of tea. At the same time, in some sense it is a matter of life and death, because relating with each individual thing it is important.

The little things we do in life may not seem to have a direct bearing on spirituality; maybe they seem quite unspiritual. Nevertheless, it is your world you are dealing with; it is your environment. So the things you are doing should be felt fully rather than rushed through.

That doesn’t mean doing everything slowly and deliberately. Rushing doesn’t necessarily mean doing things quickly. You can rush slowly – no matter how slow you go, you are missing the point all the time. However fast or slow you rush, there is a sense that your mind is preoccupied with something, constantly preoccupied with something, constantly preoccupied with hopes or fear of passion or aggression, or something of that nature.  Because of that, you fail to relate directly with objects, as in making a cup of tea.


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